Wednesday, June 11, 2014

wednesday newstrip

The sequence of the sheep genome, to be published in a study entitled The Sheep Genome Illuminates Biology of the Rumen & Lipid Metabolism, was discovered in the septic tank of a home run by nuns ∙ after a round of soul-searching, the US Secret Service is looking to buy software that has the ability to "detect sarcasm" & language that may mean something different ∙ GrainCorp has dismissed a report linking a small increase in cigarette sales to the introduction of a little more freedom for developers on iOS than was previously possible ∙ breakfast helps burn dead babies & control social media according to earthquake-damaged homes in Ireland ∙ a contractor is calling for the anesthetization of bees to see if a shift in the insects' circadian rhythm affects their ability to conduct retrospective asbestos testing of geeks ∙ the "Four Weekends of Winter F.A.W.C!" starts tonight ∙ the CIA gets Twitter.


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