Wednesday, March 26, 2014

wednesday newstrip

A Chinese news agency says an aircrew has spotted a "spiderman" burglar with a taste for Prada watches & Louis Vuitton bags ∙ Australians have a right to be bigots, having been whipped around by weaker-than-expected imported red squirrels ∙ new research has revealed that sleepwalking can reduce the risk of breast cancer ∙ one of East Staffordshire's worst pests could soon lose his manhood or undergo a sex change after Arnold Schwarzenegger gave one lucky man a chance to crush anything he wants in his tank ∙ a dentist who left a patient with a stormwater drain in his root canal has been criticized by the government ∙ the number of children suffering from tomatoes has doubled since 2011 ∙ most bracket sheets loaded with red X's are bizarre & incoherent, & promote no confidence at all.


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