Monday, January 17, 2011

Newsflash: Blow-up sex toys are "not recognized flotation devices."

In Queensland, acts of stupidity during the floods were mainly confined to attempts to drive across flooded causeways, usually resulting in death, or jumping from bridges into swollen rivers, usually resulting in difficult rescues.

In Victoria, however, it seems like the floods offer other avenues.....
A bizarre decision to ride an inflatable doll down a flood-swollen Yarra River blew up in a woman’s face yesterday when she lost her latex playmate in a rough patch.

The incident prompted a warning from police that blow-up sex toys are "not recognised flotation devices".

Police and a State Emergency Services crew were called to the rescue when the woman and a man, both 19, struck trouble at Warrandyte North about 4.30pm yesterday.

They were floating down the river on two inflatable dolls and had just passed the Pound Bend Tunnel when the woman lost her toy in turbulent water.

The rescued pair were checked by ambulance officers but did not require medical attention.

"The fate of the inflatable dolls is unknown," said Senior Constable Wilson.
Sydney Morning Herald


Blogger Jill Jones said...

Fabulous last word from the cops.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Jill Jones said...

and the word verification for this post is 'slipleg'. maybe google is into cricket, in a back-to-front kind of way. or it refers back to the sex toy - the flate of the infate-able ...

10:50 AM  

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