Saturday, August 28, 2010


One of the most disappointing things about the five weeks of election campaigning plus this past week where both sides of politics, each with 72 seats, have sought to win over the majority of the six independents & minority party representatives so that they can claim government, has been the almost universal negativity of the female members of the media towards Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Prior to the election, one of the topics of general debate was whether Australia was ready for a female Prime Minister. The election results leave it unclear whether it's gender or politics that has brought about the limbo we currently find ourselves in, but what is patently obvious—& this will doubtless be the subject of several Doctoral theses in the coming years—is that the overwhelming majority of females in the media, be they journalists, hack reporters, interviewers, talking heads, or whatever, most definitely aren't ready.

Talk about gender bias!


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