Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In retrospect,

I probably should have put won des laits into hibernation for eleven months at the end of NaPwoWriMo (© Geof Huth); but I had a couple more pwoermds to post, & then a couple more, & then....

I've now entered my fifth month of continuous posting, a word a day, not always, strictly speaking, pwoermds, mixed as they with found typos & Google word verification captchas & puns & mini concrete poems & a bit of simple vispo. Sometimes they come in a stream, postdated posts spread across a number of days; sometimes the stream dries up. A fast or a feminine, as it were. &, sure, there's crap, & carp, & a bit of frank Capra, & a banner headline marqueeing through my brain—QUIT NOW WHILE YOU'VE STILL AHEAD—which, I suppose, means there's also a whole heap of masoschism in there.

But mainly it's fun, so I'll kpee on kpeeing on though, probably, when next year's NaPwoWriMo (® Geof Huth) comes around, I'll have exhausted my repartee, & there'll be nothing left to post, & I'll just have to hop on my

sk tebo rd
a a
& sali off into the buel.

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Geofhuth said...

I doubt, Mark, you'll be empty of idea by then!