Thursday, March 05, 2009

(pro)Found Poem

    Constellation Cup, cartoons Cup, Couples Cup…… compared to the past a single color, style convergence of glass, enamel cups, now put on all kinds of Keren pattern of jewelry Cup attracted a lot of young consumers of view, sleepy market for some time the cup This is also the bright colors in the brewing of a new selling point.

    Casually walked into the street which jewelry stores, all kinds of ornaments Cup is absolutely essential goods within Diantang. Abstract color lines, the young people like the cartoon character with a logo or a combination of various types of modeling, coupled with moderate prices, five yuan, 10 yuan, will not be the highest in more than 100 yuan, the hearts of the young consumers Was captured.

    Shop staff in the new century shift in the Asia-Jun impression, jewelry Cup is the rise in 2003, Tupperware, Lok deduction, and so many world-renowned home of the brand gradually into the public eye. The initial jewelry Cup is actually very simple, ordinary glass or plastic cups printed on one pair of implied meaning of the logo has become a veritable lovers Cup, than the ordinary price of your glasses to 12 yuan. However, this cup of wearing beautiful clothes is not the same, many young people just to recognize this. Thus, the market slowly warming, in addition to steel, the magnetization, all other quality wood to reach almost all of this area.

    Beautiful indeed difficult to resist the charm. Just a work of the Miss told reporters in her home, large and small, all kinds of ornaments Cup least have more than 10. However, whenever walked into the store, although that know that they have many, but to see Huahualvlv wanted to buy the cup home. According to the salesperson shopping malls, past the cup, people value the sealing, insulation, the main business is also an issue around this area, therefore, up to up to, then it several selling points. But now is different, selling jewelry Cup is the beautiful, a special form, a creative design, etc., can bring the cup to the good sales.


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