Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Nigerian email scam, encore

Once again I have received, in both my personal & Otoliths editor Gmail accounts, a Nigerian scam email from someone who has hacked into a poet's email account, this time Lars Palm.
how are you , i traveled to West africa Nigeria in Lagos for a program and i got robbed on way to the hotel .i cant believe this is happening to me right now. i need a soft loan of 1300 euros from you . i will pay you back when i arrive.please get back to me immediately you get this mail OK. waiting for your reply
This time it's a much shorter email than the one I got four months ago purporting to be from David-Baptiste Chirot & which I posted about here & here. The latter link includes a link to Google's quite extensive listing of occurences of the same scam email.

My dilemma is that if Lars' account has been "seized"—which it must have been so that return emails can be accessed by the usurper—how the hell can I let him know what's going on?


Blogger paul siegell said...

was thinking the exact same thing. also, do we, as receivers, get "hurt" when we open the email?

11:01 PM  
Blogger mark young said...

nothing nasty hidden in the email, just its contents.

from what I can gather, the person has their email account hacked & left open so the true owner can't get to it, an email is sent to all the people in the contact list &, should they respond, a second email is sent telling them where to send the money. then I assume the email is freed up again.

but that someone still knows the password to the account....

11:29 PM  
Blogger Lars Palm said...

i found out, though not from the hotmail "support" centre, after they blocked my account for the second time in three days. i closed it & opened a gmail account

i am now at

8:27 PM  

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