Thursday, February 05, 2009

Now out from Otoliths: Ernesto Priego's the amazing adventures of Gravity & Grace

the amazing adventures of Gravity & Grace
Ernesto Priego
104 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9805096-9-4
$12.50 + p&h

Ernesto Priego has written that "G & G was the comic book I was never able to draw." G & G was, indeed, a sort of comic book experience for its earliest readers when it appeared in installments on Never Neutral, Mr. Priego's blog. The poems can be conceptualized as a series of speech balloons and captions formulated as something akin to a dialectical house party in which the characters Gravity and Grace sing in a kind of cozy yet somewhat slippery counterpoint for their Author and ultimately to us all. These are—it must be said—sweet and wistful, notational, allegorical poems. Much is hinted at. Much is left for the reader to fill in. And that is as it should be, no?
from the introduction by Tom Beckett

This is the first of the four books, coming out roughly a week apart, that make up the final formal round from Otoliths. There are still a few projects in the pipeline to be completed, the catalog will stay live, the e-zine will continue; but the bookpublishing arm of Otoliths, in terms of future output, has become another casualty of the current economic malaise.


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