Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now out from Otoliths: Anny Ballardini's Ghost Dance in 33 Movements

Ghost Dance in 33 Movements
Anny Ballardini
80 pages
Otoliths 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9805096-8-7
$13.50 + p&h

A schooling in experimental cinema happening before our eyes. A screening. Frame upon frame, the seeing I making her way. In these remarkable poems, Anny Ballardini creates an important new space, a new kind of poem—note, notation, response, criticism, a philosophy of our lives as films responding to films, poems made from & making our new dwelling place. "The eye of the camera centers on their hidden hearts." Made of quotation, of citation, of sight, of insight—always the moving site—a dance in many movements. And a fine, inviting, moving dance it is, Anny's Ghost Dance in 33 Movements! —Hank Lazer

Anny Ballardini is the unofficial poet laureate of UbuWeb; from her perch in Italy she has watched the 20th century avant-garde stream through her computer's screen and has taken copious notes on it. These notes—at once literary criticism, poetry, oblique autobiography and amazing eavesdrop—come to us as an idiosyncratic transcript of a cultural and personal archive. This is 21st century ekphrasis written to an art that flickers and sings and sometimes screams. —Susan M. Schultz


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