Monday, June 02, 2008

A bit of a freakout

at the weekend, to discover that Blogger is now scheduling postdated posts & publishing them when that nominated time arrives rather than publishing them immediately despite the future timestamp.

With Otoliths, I get around the blog latest-post-is-the-top-post by giving the “cover” of an issue a post date somewhere out beyond the scheduled date of the next issue. This means that I can build the forthcoming issue without things surfacing until I want them to. (Sure, using something like Google’s blogsearch gives a window into what’s in the next issue, but I can live with that.)

Fortunately, after some rummaging around in Blogger help, I discovered that you can still postdate — though it’s a little bit fiddly — by publishing immediately, then going in to edit mode to overwrite the timestamp with the desired time & then republishing.

I breathe easier.


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