Thursday, July 12, 2007

seven more not-so-random facts

Canaries are yellow.

The Beatles’ submarine was yellow.

A lot of words rhyme with yellow including some great ones — e.g. violincello.

More words rhyme with red. It’s the other pole. He’d rather be dead than seen playing a violincello. It’s why orange was invented. Compromise.

Banana skins are yellow except when they’re dead. Have you ever seen a banana playing a violincello? I’m just wild about saffron. They call me mello cello.

Jaundice is yellow. Sometimes jell-o is too. E-lec-tric-al banana. About the same time as Electric Ladyland. Hey Joe, where you gonna go with that cello in yr hand?

Yellow isn’t yellow. Except when it’s dead.


Blogger Tom Beckett said...

You're just mad about saffron?

10:52 AM  
Blogger mark young said...

& saffron's mad about me......

11:10 AM  

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