Saturday, July 07, 2007

Living — & dying — with Google

1. Living, aka Oops.

Gmail has decided it's an associate editor of Otoliths. Over the past week it's started identifying some submissions as spam, as well as emails from people on my mailing list. I've picked most of them up, but it hasn't been happening long enough for me to automatically doublecheck what's there before I press the delete forever button, & yesterday, the nanosecond after I hit that option, I saw the word submission in the subject line. Too late.

So, to someone called Diana(?), living in Sindelfingen in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany whose email provider is arcor-ip-net, my humblest apologies, & could you please resubmit. Or if anyone knows who she might be……

2. Dying, aka Oops.

I have long harboured the suspicion that many of those who commit murder regard it as a form of sport. Apparently Google News shares my belief.


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