Thursday, March 29, 2007

please / allow me / to introduce myself

(which, given the title of the post immediately below, strikes me as an appropriate title for this post)
I'm a man
who usually
doesn't preen

but in this case, forgive me.

Have just received my print copies of Otoliths issue four - yes, I'm always the last to get them; I live on the edge of the world, & then you have to go inland - & let me just say that, apart from my fuckup in forgetting what year it is, they're impressive.

Because I don't live in mainland America, the copies I receive are printed by Lulu's Spanish associate printer who doesn't do anywhere near as good a job with b&w as Lulu's US-based printing works. But they don't seem to be able to screw up the colour issue, & I love it!!!!

Actually, I love both issues, & would like to give a great big thankyou to everyone who contributed & made them what they are. My on-going regret is that, even though I may be a man of taste, I am not sufficiently a man of wealth to be able to give contributors a copy of both parts &/or be able to afford to print it as one single issue. That latter option would have a total print & postage cost of about $2000; the former about $1500. But if the Lilly Foundation decided to bequeath to what's actually going on rather than what's in cryogenic suspension & pretending to be alive......


Blogger Anny Ballardini said...

Congratulations to you all!
I also receive printed work from Lulu Spain, oh well, not too bad, except three copies I have to throw away of In Ri by Henry Gould... :-)
Hasta Luegito!

11:53 PM  

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