Wednesday, June 17, 2020

wednesday newstrip

DoNuts alSoNuts T.®ump Jr. was allocated $110,000 of US taxpayer money for Secret Service protection to visit Mongolia & spend eight days there to hunt a breed of rare & endangered sheep, new documents reveal · guy whose photo broke android phones just wanted to capture a beautiful sunset · exotic fifth state of matter made on the International Space Station · probiotic bacteria could save coral reefs · people who felt more threatened by COVID-19 & ranked high on scales of emotionality & conscientiousness were most likely to hoard toilet paper when the coronavirus shutdowns began in March · Walmart will no longer keep beauty products for people of color in locked cabinets after it & other United States retailers were accused of racial discrimination over the practice · Facebook cited 'nudity' as the reason it removed picture of Aboriginal men in chains from post refuting Australian Prim Minister's comment that there had never been slavery in Australia · DoNuts SoNuts T.®ump authorizes sanctions against ICC staff investigating possible US war crimes in Afghanistan.

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