Wednesday, July 04, 2018

wednesday newstrip

Australian astronomers ponder mounting evidence microbial life may ‘hitch-hike’ between planets & the stars as Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement gives DoNuts T®ump a new opportunity to shape America · ex Orwellstralian Pram Minister John HowHard warns footage showing officers violently attacking prisoners inside a Western Australian prison shows how China could use its expats to grow influence in Australia & the region · French President Emmanuel Macron reinstates national service for all 16-year-olds, puts forward as example of possible outcomes Millennial beating veteran Democrat in shock New York victory · Leonardo DiCaprio shares first look at Charles Manson-inspired 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' in which Apple & Samsung finally settle their years-long smartphone patents squabble · Spice Girls reunion tour is happening: Mum shares sickening photo to warn of common playground mistake.


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