Wednesday, June 27, 2018

wednesday newstrip

Advisers tell DoNuts T®ump he doesn't display enough gall, so he consents to a gall bladder operation. As a result, approval rating in Alabama falls less that it has in other states · International Space Station's orbit carries it over the Wheat House. T®ump orders his newly formed Starship Troopers to shoot it down so it can't spy on his weiner. Approval rating drops 31 points in New Mexico when satellite shots of his weiner surface anyway · mother-of-five needed correction eye surgical procedure after being it told it was safe to look at satellite images of a Weimaraner's T®umpette without wearing sunglasses. DoNuts sales collapse in Oklahoma · was Pythagorean theory used to build WeinerGate in Florida? US Press Secretary Colonelle Sanders says so before she was kicked out of eatery for wearing flipflops. dePressed Secretary flips, approval rating flops.


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