Wednesday, May 30, 2018

wednesday newstrip

Giant flatworms invading France have been ignored for almost 20 years · researchers find rice grown in the high carbon dioxide environments expected in the next 50 years may be less nutritious · North Korean official slams 'ignorant & stupid' Pence remarks, suggests he might be the oldest object in the solar system · a Queensland senator has raised eyebrows in Parliament after claiming that racism is virtually non-existent in Australia · NFL mandates anthem respect: Stand up, or stay in the locker room. Decision called “unpatriotic” · eight hours in, Dark Souls remastered captures the heart of the original but T®ump backers fear he's deserting them · anorexic mother-of-one who pretended she had cancer to disguise her 800-a-day laxative pill habit dies after being admitted to hospital weighing just 35kg.


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