Wednesday, September 06, 2017

wednesday newstrip

T®ump returns to Harvey-hit Texas telling reporters he had seen "a lot of discount Aldi garden furniture" in the devastation the storm left behind · Melbourne families brawl over five rare Campbell Island ewes & unborn lambs slaughtered as North Korea detonates sixth & most powerful nuclear test · inside Europe's most exclusive, debaucherous nightclub, sperm chill out when their bloke is high · a Chinese tourist whose efforts to perform a breast implant procedure on a beauty salon manager resulted in her patient's death has been charged with manslaughter · three far-right activists who staged a mock beheading in protest of plans to build a mosque have been found guilty, convicted, & fined of a criminal offence under Victoria's racial vilification laws · Nobel laureate Malala lashes Suu Kyi's silence on Myanmar killings.


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