Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Racquets she said, even though there was no tennis going on.

Or maybe it was rackets, & she was talking about the noise up the road, or the way that local builders get their plans through council despite breaching nearly every bylaw in the book.

Could have been Reckitts, left up for me to interpret which among their products I'm in dire need of — grime or pimple remover, condoms, antiseptic lotions, mustard, mouthwash.

Then again, perhaps rickets, even though I'm not young — except in name — & any or all of the products listed above could possibly have helped minimize or even remove that condition.

So, rockets. No, not that, her red glare tells me quite clearly.

Leaves only ruckets . . . But there's no such word in general use, though it is a family name, & a brand of skates, &, if Google's autocomplete is accurate, it might have something to do with tickets to the Rugby World Cup.

Though, wait. Because of this fuss I'm making over what the word in question is, I've just been accused of causing a ruckus. Perhaps that is what was intended all along.


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