Wednesday, January 18, 2017

wednesday newstrip

Giant asteroid barely misses collision with Donut T®ump, might take another shot in December · a rescue helicopter is flying 400km to a remote island to evacuate a sea lion bitten by Donut T®ump · Intelligence sources have vouched for the credibility of a former MI6 officer named as the author of the Russia dossier on Donut T®ump · the Donut T®ump White House's economic policy intentions saw renewed skepticism in global markets as sorcery-related violence seems destined to continue, along with horrific acts committed against women accused of being witches · high rates of PEyOTeUS ads played during televised sport could lead children to believe liking Donut T®ump is "part of being a good New Zealander," researchers have suggested · Australia's reputation has been damaged by serious human rights issues including its "draconian" asylum seeker policy, overly broad counter-terrorism laws, failure to protect children in detention, & limits to the rights of people with disabilities.


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