Wednesday, September 07, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Pram Minister Malcontent Turnipball has warned a driver who was using a metal frypan as a steering wheel that he risks a mistake of historic proportions if he "hides under the doona" & ignores economic scaremongering · ex-Prem Ministrone Coven Rude has resurfaced on the international scene as a golden retriever called Romeo that has been pulled alive from a pile of rubble in central Italy · world leaders tried out the massively multiplayer online role-playing game 'World Of Warcraft' at an entertainment stand at the G20 meeting in Hangzhou but thought it didn't measure up to the real thing · the only proof you need that the Sun is the one true master of our solar system is first-time Airbnb user Holly telling local media that she agreed to rent her apartment to it for ten days, & returned to find her unit trashed, with rotten fruit covering the walls, a crack pipe in a vase, & many items missing.


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