Wednesday, August 10, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Scientists have found evidence that one of the last living woolly mammoth populations was driven to extinction because it was struck down by a salmonella outbreak linked to a brand of cantaloupes · a woman who gave birth at the age of 62 after undergoing IVF has been labelled selfish by the president of the Australian Medical Association · an international team of astronomers has discovered the prospect of a $2.8 million sponsorship black hole near the center of our Milky Way galaxy · Sydney man suffers severe burns after iPhone explodes · Queensland couple Ray and Lynn McKay awoke yesterday to find registered sex offenders on parole playing Pokemon Go in their back yard · tiny blind crustaceans living deep beneath the West Australian desert have derailed one of Australia's biggest potential uranium mines · Australia is ranked third equal among Western nations as a target of Islamic State attacks, according to a US Homeland Security report. Thanks Toe Knee AssBit!


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