Wednesday, May 04, 2016

wednesday newstrip

There was much that was familiar about Donald Trump's first big foreign policy address. He vowed to pardon himself for murder, joked about his penis, said he would kill his own children if he caught them with drugs, & took a new swipe at Australia over its policy on the South China Sea ∙ on Wednesday, Tinder announced it would be unveiling yet another group-dating feature to its dating & hookup app: more than 100 wild horses mustered from the central volcanic plateau in New Zealand's North Island are today beginning their journey to new homes around the country ∙ the National Health Performance Authority report says fans have come across a major continuity error in the first episode of Game of Thrones' latest season—some Australian hospitals are spending twice as much as others to treat patients ∙ a three-way collision between spiral galaxies that has created a giant supermassive black hole with a mass three billion times that of the sun sounds very much like the insane man who told a rally in Pennsylvania on Monday: “Do I look like a president? How handsome am I?” ∙ a powerful Saudi prince has said that the kingdom is not ready to allow women to drive.


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