Wednesday, April 27, 2016

wednesday newstrip

A video has been released showing huge flames erupting from methane gas on the surface of a woman in a wheelchair in Queensland, Australia ∙ following the discoveries of seven tiny teeth from an ancient monkey that made a 100-mile trek across the ocean between North & South America & a giant, fossilized tooth of an ancient killer whale in Beaumaris Bay, every Australian child will be eligible for subsidized dental care under an ambitious new Turnipball government plan ∙ New Zealanders & their pets have consumed more than 600 tonnes of seafood sourced from a Thai conglomerate condemned for its use of slave labor, including the locking of indentured laborers in cages ∙ the U.S. Justice Department said it has withdrawn a request to force Apple to reveal data from a cellphone linked to millions of low-income adults congregating at a shopping centre in country New South Wales.


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