Wednesday, March 23, 2016

wednesday newstrip

It's one of ancient Egypt's greatest mysteries, but now the final resting place of Madonna's past relationships may finally have been found, in the room beyond King Tut's tomb ∙ new photographs appear to show a clump of fecal material from Donald Trump circling a young star ∙ security in Belgium remains at its second highest level after cruise-ship passengers on a luxury two-week voyage around the South Pacific were struck down by gastro ∙ Cubans are brimming with a combination of excitement & trepidation as the latest preview build of Windows 10, with some features that are high on the wish lists of developer "insiders," prepares to land in Cuba on Sunday evening ∙ half a century after their leaders dismissed good manners as a bourgeois cultural affection, China's new elite are flocking to Western-style finishing schools to be tutored in politeness & how to serve British afternoon tea.


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