Saturday, January 03, 2015

is something happening here, mr jones?

. . . the sight of Mt Erebus erupting as the plane flew over Ross Island around 2am on New Year's Day
January 2 2015
Big volcanic eruption near Tonga's capital
December 30 2014
Popocatepetl volcano erupts in Mexico emitting gas & ash some two miles in the sky.
December 30 2014
A cloud of ash belched out by the Sheveluch volcano in Kamchatka is spreading 35 km.
December 30 2014.
Lava from Kilauea Volcano stopped short of hitting Pahoa Marketplace on Christmas day but it has resumed its movement on Saturday.
December 29 2014
Ash clouds from two active volcanoes in Guatemala prompted local air travel warnings yesterday.
December 27 2014
The eruption of Fogo volcano (Cape Verde) & the 3 lava flows (North, South and West), & the location of the destroyed settlements.
December 27 2014
Indonesia has temporarily closed a domestic airport after a volcano in the country's east erupted, spewing plumes of ash hundreds of meters .
December 19 2014
Turrialba Volcano, 60 km northeast of the Costa Rican capital erupted again Monday evening
December 9 2014
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has provided November’s monthly update on the Yellowstone volcano & 119 earthquakes were registered in the area of Yellowstone National Park.
December 7 2014

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