Tuesday, April 29, 2014

from The Canterloupey Tales

In a large bowl, combine yogurt, honey, & cinnamon, & mix well. The Italian grayhound loved to steal things off her desk. The extract is used as the base for a variety of cosmetics.

Once she got to the store, her plan had to be a bit more flexible. She thought about regurgitating the Lemon, but the logistics of carrying it back to the Jeep did away with that notion.

She took a virtual trip back home, even if just briefly. Nice cozy rooms overlooked the ocean. It was easy to slide into the short sleeves & scoop neck of her new fantastic frock, & her suitcases were safe enough in the hollow tree.

She had been paying attention to the news. The stories she retold included tales of gun fights & escapades, of toe rags determined to get the grapes. Even so, there was little there that she had to be worried about.

She wrote down many things, in the hope that some of them might take.


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