Wednesday, February 26, 2014

wednesday newstrip

The world's most wanted drug lord had cracks to components which were regarded as "safety critical" ∙ the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is sceptical about reports that crash tests revealed only one dog harness on sale in New Zealand would protect pooches in even a low-speed crash ∙ police have seized drugs, cash & high-powered firearms, including a sub-machine gun, during a raid on the taxation system ∙ an orca has told a Senate committee it is unable to substantiate claims that zircon crystals from Western Australia's Jack Hills region crystallised 4.4 billion years ago ∙ a free-diver's catch bag & a no-frills beachside condo tower have showed no resistance to labeling products from the disputed West Bank & Golan territories & increasing revenue through consumer levies ∙ Australia must join the international race to build a bionic brain in order to share the health & economic benefits that will flow from such a prestigious global project.


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