Friday, May 10, 2013

elsewhere II . . . & definitely elsewhen

The Queensland State Government recently passed legislation allowing local councils to decide whether they wanted to add fluoride to water supplies, instead of the former Labor government's push to make it mandatory.
The Townsville Bulletin

from the comments boxes of the above news item . . .
BRUSH YOUR TEETH, fluoride doesn't prevent cavities if you don't clean your teeth.Remove this poison from my water and I will stay in Townsville, I know of at least 1000 people in Mackay area who never moved north to Townsville because of the poison in the drinking water supply.It has driven house prices down in this region, Council will continue to lose more and gain less.Fluoride imitates calcium in the body and fools the heart muscle into believing it has sufficient calcium supply only to end with heart failure.We water our lawns, wash our cars and pet and ourselves with this poison, it ends up in the rivers and oceans, we are FLUORIDATING the whole planet, STOP THIS MADNESS.The only people who want this have business selling treatment devices and make a profit from it, or otherwise they are just crazy.


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