Thursday, February 24, 2011

amongst the shit stirred up by the Christchurch earthquake

is this vitriolic rant.
"If you don't want to be in the firing line next time, then do something about it now . . . put a stop to the organised lesbian and poofter tourism into the South Island.

"The Christchurch earthquake was a warning -- God has decided to clean out NZ of its wickedness, perversion, prostitution, bullying, gangs, drugs, violence, paedophilia, and of its witchcraft and black magic. Either the people heed the warnings and change, or God replaces them with someone else -- China is already buying up much of the country, and is desperate to get South Pacific naval and port facilities. If an "act of God" destroys New Zealand's three major cities, and bankrupts the country, how many countries have the cash, and the motivation, to pay for the repairs, and buy what is left of the real estate? One? two? Whichever way you do your sums, China is the nation that comes out cashed up, and motivated to acquire a big slice of NZ."

It comes from a site which, despite its name, was registered in Utah yesterday.


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