Sunday, November 14, 2010

If you kick

the "l" out of Australia, you more or less get Austria. Skip the funnies, skip the mention of shibboleths. Ignore kangaroos &/or Arnold Schwarzenegger at your peril.

Different geographical derivations & directions—Austria = Österreich = eastern realm; Australia = terra australis = southern land.

But. Have a G20 summit in Seoul, have large dolls of each country's leader commissioned for display as part of the hype. &. Have Australia, which is a member, confused with Austria, which isn't. Dress them in something like supposed national costume. Have Prime Minister Gillard of Australia in a dirndl dress. Baroness von Trapp. Of Canberra.

(Not the only fuckup. Elsewhere a globe of the world, with the flags of the G20 countries stuck into it to show where the countries are. All correct, except for India, which, apparently, is a nation in Central Africa.)


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this is hilarious

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