Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More than a Quarter-Pounder

I tend to drive over things like palmfronds & fast-food rubbish on the road. L. is more careful & avoids such things. From today, I'm going to follow her example.

A news report out of Melbourne:
Two drivers had a lucky escape this morning when their vehicles collided with large rocks hidden in McDonald's take-away bags on a freeway in Melbourne's south-east.

Police have condemned the dangerous prank, which resulted in one of the vehicles becoming airborne and caused extensive damage to both cars.

Sergeant Sam Raso said the five large rocks were about 35 centimetres in diameter and weighed four to five kilograms, making them the size of cinder blocks used to build houses.

They were concealed in individual McDonald's bags and placed on the south-bound lanes of the Eastlink Freeway, between Rutherford Road and Thompson Road, at Frankston.

About 1.20am a vehicle travelling at about 100km/h struck one of the rocks, causing damage to the passenger-side.

About two minutes later another car hit the second rock, causing the vehicle to become airborne before crashing to the ground.

"Each rock was in its own individual McDonald’s wrap, and were purposely positioned on Eastlink," Sergeant Raso said.
The Age 10/27/10


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