Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More pix from the nzepc's Home & Away Symposium

Michael Farrell

Jill Jones

Michele Leggott (MC on the night)

Nigel Roberts

Mark Young

The above were all taken at the Lounge reading, part of the proceedings of the nzepc's Home & Away Symposium, held March 30 & 31 at Auckland University.

I also must admit to liking this photo of myself & Martin Edmond, taken during the talks that occured across the two days.

A fairly full record is available at the Symposium website. It contains poems, photos, audios of the talks given, & a video of a group event called Archipelago that I didn't take part in, finding the ground rules & explanations so convoluted & long-winded that I walked out in disgust.


Blogger EILEEN said...

I like that photo, too, of you and Martin--goodly pithy one!

(and the others)

10:52 AM  

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