Saturday, April 24, 2010

Issue #17 of Otoliths

is, in terms of putting it together, well into the final straight. A horse-racing analogy, something I never thought I'd use.

Now make that is was. Received a request last night from a dear friend. The journal she was guest-editing an issue for has "lost their web person" & apparently they won't be publishing it any more. Could I possibly help by doing it as a feature in Otoliths?

Being a generous soul, & knowing how much work said dear friend had put into getting the issue together, how could I refuse? So, I'm burning the midnight oil—I don't think that's a horse-racing term, though you never know—&, in relative terms, am starting from scratch—a human-racing term—to put an entire issue of a magazine together to go into an issue of the big O.

Which means, peeps, that you'll be getting a great bonus issue inside issue #17 of Otoliths which is was already shaping up to be a great issue. Double the doohickies! Doohickie the doubloons! Spring has sprung / the grass has riz / I wonder where the birdies is. / The birds is on the wing. / But that's absurd / because the wings is on the bird.


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