Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm not a

superstitious person, but I do believe in omens in the form of birds or chance-heard music. & not to do with things that may be ominous: more along the lines of good day / bad day. Though I do remember, when I went back to do a degree part-time 15 or so years ago, coming out of an exam in a subject I wasn't too comfortable with—economics or calculus or some such—& having that sinking feeling obliterated when I heard one of my favorite songs being piped into the foyer of the building where the exam was being held & knew that I'd passed it comfortably.

& today, up at the shopping mall, my spirits brightened when I walked in to the bass-laden sounds of Booker T & the MG's Green Onions driving its way up the walkway between the shop fronts. Told me it was gonna be a good day.

Ok, so maybe it's a psychological ploy on my part. I remember a scene from Billy Liar in which Julie Christie, in perhaps her first movie, appeared at the edges of an openair market & made her way into centre screen. So much vitality! I used to use that, imagining myself to be the character, whenever I wanted to pick myself up. These days, though, knowing that I can quite make it as Julie Christie—I'll try, if the price is right, but you're going to be disappointed—I go for the smaller things; & since shopping mall music tends to be sourced from the oldies but goodies basket, the chances of getting something you like are quite high. & I need the odds to be in my favor.


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