Thursday, November 15, 2007

an asshole of a day

Am writing this in an ergonomically unsound corner of the main downstairs rooms. To use the mouse I have to reach almost behind myself, the room lights are at the back of me & cast a shadow which blocks the keyboard, I've a small table lamp that is resting on my right shoulder & giving me sunburn, the screen's at the end of my nose.

Why am I suffering so? Because I had to go back on the old pc & this was the only place I could put it. It's been playing up for a little while, too much on it I suppose, & then the anti-virus software froze which meant that scans couldn't be carried out when you opened Word & any document inside it which meant that I couldn't get into it to finish off the remaining three books of this round, plus a book review for Eileen which is, conservatively, six months past promise date. Managed to get everything onto a memory stick, all 2.8 gig of it, so there's nothing lost, but nothing new.

So I took the day off work to put together the new beast I'd received recently - ah, birthdays - got it set up where the old one was, loaded Office, transferred all the Word files safely, went to set up the Internet connection &, as they say, shit happened. We've got one of those home wi-fi things, where you can run a number of machines from anywhere in the house at the same time. We've stuck the software on at least three machines with no trouble. But the new one has Vista, & that means the cd with the program on is apparently out of date. So I had to put the bits & pieces of this machine back together again in the only available space so I could download the update plus see if there was anything in the bowels of it that might help me set up the other. Transferred the files via stick to the other machine, tried to install again, got the occasional blue light to say it was alive, machine tells me there's a network that's got a strong signal but it's an unnamed network & requires a name & it doesn't like the ones I've been giving. Mind you, I started with "Fred", now it's up to "fucking asshole".

I've been trying for 12 hours now, & that's enough for one day. Will see if I can get a cd tomorrow rather than try & point the installer to places on the pc. If I can't get it going, then I'm buying an axe. If I can find a compatible one.


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