Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A question of perception

Okay, so the sunlight on the water distorts, & it was at a distance, & my 20/20 vision needs to have a decimal point put in front of it these days. But.

This afternoon, walking through the riverside car park where I leave the car, I saw floating on the other side of the river a dark mass which could have been a family of ducks or a crocodile or a collation of weeds & grass. All three are equally likely in these parts, although the fact that the mass was moving upstream weighs against the third but that could just have been the tide.

I've seen two of the three, have only seen news videos of a croc in the river. But there are signs up all along the river, in three languages — German, Japanese & English: it's the tourist trade — achtunging about the possibility of lurking reptiles. & it's such a lovely day, & consequently the thought of biomass is too prosaic, a family of ducks is redundant when you're feeling warm & fuzzy — feathery? — anyway, so let's go for the crocodile & not watch tonight's local news to have your dreams negated by non-reportage.


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