Sunday, April 29, 2007

Have spent

most of the weekend putting the finishing touches to issue five of Otoliths. It's the e-zine equivalent of data entry, linking the internal pieces & making sure the links work, checking the externals, correcting the, fortunately rare, typos. Most of those get picked up at the uploading stage.

Been full on at it. Didn't even get my regular Saturday night reward - The West Wing ran its two last episodes last weekend, about a year after it finished in the States (which meant I knew who the new President would be some time back). The latter seasons were not as consistently good as the first three, but, even so, still so much better than nearly everything else on TV.

The aspirin I took to ease my aching neck & shoulders has just kicked in & all the links are in place. I can finally relax. Catch a few gamma ways.


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