Saturday, January 27, 2007


                         He paused to let
                    a brass band
       pass—these days
                  the streets were full
     of them. Not from
                           any new-found desire
          for music but a
               re-discovered           need for
               uniforms. Not winning is
                         never easy—especially
when you also haven't
          lost. But the games
                    are never over until
               the games begin. So
          redefine the space
          between with passing-
                         out parades &
          streetgear & get
               the answers ready
for the questions that
          are sure                to come.


Blogger HL said...

Sounds like it is time for an

Iconic Section Distraction

Her dot org spiked like an improper polygon
In orgasmic translocation

Surprise intersected with a plane
Stippled by imagination
Tangent to hyperbolic dislocation

Fingers of exception
Cancelled bare denominator anticipation
In a vulgar fraction
Inverted by an ad absurdum geometrix spoof

3:56 AM  

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