Friday, August 25, 2006

Maybe I'm an innocent,

but I really did believe that crap like that espoused in the paragraphs posted below was dead. But it's from The Australian, a Murdoch newspaper, & he's not a man noted for his forward thinking, unless it comes to how to obtain obscene amounts of money.
"Former anti-Vietnam War protest leaders are deans and department chairmen. These tenured radicals have transformed faculty staffrooms into bastions of neo-Marxist and radical feminist ideology.

Too many of them unashamedly use their power and position to force-feed extremism down the throats of a captive audience of our impressionable young.

For more than a generation, our best and brightest have spent their university years being force-fed the nihilistic doctrines of postmodernism.

The reason leftist dogmas are so prevalent on campus is because humanities, arts and education faculties are predominantly populated by leftist ideologues. Australian academe has become a partisan echo chamber in which the professoriate is in violent agreement about the ostensible evils of capitalism, Zionism and George W. Bush."

Let me just quote from another Murdoch spokesman. "Duh-oh!"


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