Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today the postman brought me

my print copies of the first issue of Otoliths. Am pretty happy with it. A few minor things I'd change, but, hey, it was all conceptualised & worked through electronically. &, working at a significant postal distance from the printer which sort of prohibited the idea of proof copies, I had to trust to my instincts.

So now the editor has copies, the contributors have copies & the National Library in Canberra has copies to complete the ISSN process. All I need now is for everyone who hasn't a copy - & even those that do - to buy lots, so that I can recover some of the costs of the contributors' copies for this issue, & be in a position to do it again for the upcoming issues.

Speaking of which. Issue two is almost compiled & will be going live on August 1st. It's got some great work in it, from a wonderful mix of people.

& if you decide to support what I consider to be a worthwhile cause, the address of the Otoliths shopfront at is

Remember, as they say around election time, buy early, buy often.


Blogger Jordan said...

My copies came yesterday, my daughter's birthday. She thought they were for her. Claimed issue 1 part 2 for herself. She's at colors.

Looks fantastic, Mark.


12:05 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I've been Luluing, so will now wait for the slow boat across the Pacific (or the Indian, whichever way they get sent). Much anticipation here in Sydenay. JJ

10:51 AM  
Blogger mark young said...

thank you Jill. May you be the first of many.

& thank you Jordan. A budding practitioner of vispo on your hands?


5:10 PM  

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