Wednesday, March 22, 2006

For the first time

in about seven months, the daytime temperature has dropped below 30ยบ Celsius. My brain is starting to unfreeze & flow more easily. I'm thinking about writing again. I've tested the waters with friends about starting up an ezine & their responses were overwhelmingly positive. I sent out a round of emails this evening to say that, yes, I'm going ahead with it & a short time ago the first official submission came in.

The omens were good. The birds were there. I decided yesterday morning to go ahead with the ezine, came back from the dentist an hour or so later & found what I call the stupid parrots - they're slow-moving, & have a nasty habit of rising out of the grass if you drive past them; don't know what they are because my bird book isn't that precise, but I think they're cockatiels - in the tree just outside the back door. Hadn't seen them in months. Beautiful things, pastel colours.

I miss the pelican. But over the past few months I wasn't giving it the attention it deserved. Partially the weather, partially the fact that I'm back at work, a lot of things combined. Keeping it going was sapping my writing strength, & I didn't want it to dwindle away, undernourished, anorexic.

So a clean break, on its second birthday. I've loved doing it, meeting people, making friends. gamma days is going to be a more leisurely enterprise, but I hope my friends come along for the ride, & I hope I make some new ones.


Blogger Martin Edmond said...

let me be the first to congratulate you ...

7:58 AM  
Blogger Anna Piutti said...

I'll be the second then, I guess...

Thank you for including me in your list again.
I'll add a link to this new blog of yours to mine.

7:19 AM  

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