Friday, December 07, 2012

McAfee rushed to hospital after asylum bid rejected

Critics say the draft, drawn up by a body dominated by Chinese fishing vessels from waters near China's southern Hainan province, was rushed through parliament without proper consultation & does not do enough to protect political & religious freedoms & the rights of women. "They also lack inspiration in terms of their quest to warn everybody about child safety issues." Also up for discussion today will be the terms of a final agreement on changing the rules of succession for the British monarchy to allow first-born girls to become heirs to the throne. These plans were meant as a countermeasure to what the Israelis described as a unilateral Palestinian move at the United Nations, which they said violated their previous signed agreements. World leaders denounced them, & critics warned that any future settlement building could harm the prospects of a viable & contiguous Palestinian state. What remains the core issue however, is recognising the fact that the fight against corruption is not just a cause to ensure the legal protections for civil societies against the abuse that they may receive at the hand of those in power, it is in effect, a fight against human suffering caused by an act that transcends simple violation of power.


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