Friday, June 24, 2011

The / boys are / back in town

Well almost. Tent city has been erected across the road from the airport, fighter jets practice their strafing runs on our house, attack helicopters fly in formation low over the city, the dugongs in Shoalwater Bay tremble in trepidation as live-firing time draws near.

Yes folks, it's time for the biennial war games up the road.
Exercise Talisman Sabre—Saber on the U.S. Defense websites—2011 (TS11) involves 30,000 Defence personnel and will be conducted in July 2011. The Exercise will take place at a range of Defence training areas predominantly in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Based on fictional scenarios, the Exercise includes combined Special Forces operations, parachute drops, amphibious (marine) landings, land force manoeuvres, urban and air operations and the coordinated firing of live ammunition from the range of in-service weapons systems used by exercise participants. The fictional scenarios are designed to bring the different branches of the Australian and US military together in a combined environment.

Conducting the Exercise ensures ADF personnel are better prepared for deployment into areas of active conflict world wide through added experience and confidence.
I will participate in a very small measure. One of the events will undoubtedly be a concert which I will probably go to. A military band will fly in for a couple of days, do its routine of Sousa marches, & then finish with a round or two of "white boys do black music" to show the locals just how hip the military is. Great musicians usually, shithouse singer always.


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