Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For four days now

Oh, the ragman draws circles
up & down the block
the unbidden ayem song has been one of Dylan's songs from the mid-sixties,
Well, Shakespeare, he's in the alley
with his pointed toes & bells
a different verse each morning. But I don't mind. This is the Dylan
Mona tried to tell me
to stay away from the train line
that I like, the wordsmith sans pareil, the fancy dancer, the Bojangles of the bards. The obligations met, the anthems finished; & now, in his "Blonde on Blonde" days, he's having fun.
Grandpa died last week
& now he's buried in the rocks
It's the Dylan I keep coming back to. &, since so far we're only four verses in, it seems that for the next week or so I'll continue
To be stuck inside of Mobile
with the Memphis Blues again.


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