Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The wildlife, hereabouts,

could almost substitute for a game of rock, scissors, paper. Last night a fat green frog sitting alongside me on the verandah railing. This morning the green tree snake peering out from the frame of the corrugated iron verandah roof—& maybe, if it had managed to get out without me seeing it, returning later, or maybe another one curling its way elegantly up, creating a catenary between two of the posts, a metre or so long, yellow underbelly, very thin tapered tail, non-venomous. & later on in the morning, a big fat kookaburra peering at the undergrowth from a branch on the big backyard tree.

As I say, rock, scissors, paper. The kookaburra eats snakes, the snake eats frogs. But, & this is where the substitution breaks down, the frog doesn't eat kookaburras. It eats insects, not its predators.

Maybe I could train it.......



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