Tuesday, December 25, 2007

from The Pope's Christmas message

"Now that postmodernism’s been (with a wink) flushed, can we, for a moment, glance back wistfully to that cinema of more naïve possibilities, before the insular film school homilies of “queer cinema” swamped us, when post-new wave sex and politics anarchically mixed in ignorance of our contemporary Sundance straightjackets of liberal visibility politics, body image conventionalism, festival entertainment, and jury-prize prostitution? Such films were made not by technofetishistically schooled “filmmakers,” but by renaissance theater artists like Terayama and Arrabal, who would deride with a magnanimous grin all foisted philistine pigeonholes. But prepare for disillusionment, too, for these artists were blissfully ignorant of more than just the watery liberalism we now cringingly sip like gelid, day-old decaf."


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