Friday, February 02, 2007

the sign czar

There are only two things I regard as having the ability to be perceived as omens—birds, & music heard by chance in shopping centres or on the street. Sure, there are also frogs, but I look on them as talismans—talismen?—or familiars, touchstones.

Today, going out to get lunch, a grey day, light rain but still warm enough to be T-shirt weather, the first thing I saw were two pelicans hovering above the river, doing just enough against the wind to appear stationary. Beautiful heavy birds, majestic in everything they do except when they land on water & even that contains an element of pleasant surprise at the fact they float rather than sink as the method of their landing might presage.

The pelicans were definitely what I consider a good sign. & then another. Walk into my lunch shop to the sound of The Animals doing The House of the Rising Sun. Seems like it’s going to be a great day, or maybe great things are coming.

It’s a bit of a redundancy because I’m feeling pretty good anyway. The latest issue of the e-zine is out, three of the four books I’m bringing out under the Otoliths imprint are bedded down, a couple of other projects are either resolved or underway at last. So what’s left? Regain my youth? Knowing what I now know I don’t think that’s an attractive proposition.Win Lotto? Unlikely. The omens for that would be a chorus of black cockatoos doing You Make Me Feel (like a natural woman) supplemented by owls doing the low harmonies & double-barred finches doing the high. Give up smoking? Shit, that'd be fifty less poems a year.

But I’ve just thought of what would probably also be a good omen—to see a crocodile in its natural habitat, but on the other side of the river. Maybe the omens mean that's what I'll see on my way home tonight.


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