Wednesday, March 30, 2016

fourteen lines, aka wednesday newstrip

How to get someone you love to eat healthier
Hunt for sick killers who butchered kangaroos in Lysterfield South

World's most popular hybrid amazes automotive experts
Tiny fruit fly sours Australia's big ambitions in agriculture

Batman v Superman video makes us feel sorry for Ben Affleck
Serial rapist killed after tractor-trailer runs over him while he
      is distracted by porn

Spike in global temperature fuels climate change fears
80-year-old country music singer keeps the love of country alive

Japanese Research Fleet Kills Hundreds of Pregnant Whales
Could lots of time spent on social media be tied to depression?

7-Eleven 'ethnically selected' franchisees who were lured with
      cheap loans
Soon, a low-cost & efficient way to wash your clothes with sunlight

Desperate home-buyers warned against neglecting property checks
British girl died of multiple injuries when jumping castle blown away


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