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geographies: Kainantu

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday newstrip

Silkworms spin glow-in-the-dark silk • Microsoft announced on Monday it will retain its diamond businesses following a strategic review • Kanye wallows in narcissism after being added to the World Heritage list • daredevil crosses the Great Barrier Reef on high wire • Super moon looms close to another 170,000 hectares of Tasmanian old-growth forest • Grand Canyon will be protected • Queensland's pick & stick policy to expand ports has returned positive tests for legionella.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jeffrey Smart, 1921-2013

The Terrace, Madrid Airport

Study for holiday

Cahill Expressway

"He found poetry in the suburban and urban landscape - and in color."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday newstrip

Facebook has apologized after its website went down, attributing the outage to a huge haul of bear paws • Spectacular volcano's internal issue caught on camera • Chinese customs seize such invalid slogans as "carbon price bubble" & "unburnable fossil fuels" • fatal floods wash away concepts that are part of a "radical campaign" to scare off investors' houses & destroy roads • the UN Security Council declares a state of disaster in Oklahoma following the identification of a possible 280 additional craters on the Moon • two of the state's vilest sex fiends have been found after escaping a Melbourne call center • a string of deadly tornados caused massive protests near a correctional facility in India.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

geographies: Amarac

Monday, June 17, 2013

from the archives: six years ago

There's an Animals' song, that goes . . .
Sunday morning, &
B.B.King & friend
blast through the
almost empty
shopping mall. It's
what I hate about
this place. Not a
shopaholic but I do
miss the Sydney
Sunday supermarkets
& the early morning
close of everything from
bookstores through to
pizza parlors. Get the
latenight munchies here
& you're reduced
to thinking about
hitting the high-
way with a kitchen knife
or a syringe filled
with strawberry jam
& holding up a
longhaul truckie. Fat
chance of that psychotic
Canned Heat episode
succeeding. A bit more
roadkill for the crows
to pick at. So you live
the quiet life, & only
venture out on Sunday
to buy the Saturday
Sydney Morning Herald
to catch up on the
commentary one
day behind, to buy
the local Murdoch tabloid
for the tv guide, put in
the Lotto. End up
rocked to the roots
by B.B. King &
friend which ain't
so bad because there's
nobody around to see
you suddenly break out
in a little dance. You
pass by the pharmacy
because you're
too old to buy
disposable diapers by
the baleload & not yet
old enough for them
to change their name
to incontinence pads;
pass by the hotbread
shop where the queue
& the quantity of product
passing over the counter
puts paid to the adage
that man &/or woman
with or without large or
otherwise families can-
not live by bread &
associated pastries
alone; pick up your
papers, pass over
your money to the
Government Lottery Office
& never expect even
a small return; then
head off for the highway
looking not for adventure
but forward to the
comfortable chair where
you can park your butt &
read yesterday's news
& then look to see
what's going to take
your mind off this place
in the coming week.

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earlier . . .

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Friday newstrip

When stunts go spectacularly wrong • the alcohol that killed three young men in Queensland was being brewed to make biodiesel • is there any correlation between trade in solar panels & wine? • drivers who wreck their luxury cars • first footage of ocean's largest bony fish. Pope Francis has admitted that a "gay lobby" exists within the Vatican's administration, a friend & neighbor says • Turkish riot police have used tear gas to pass a bill imposing jail terms of up to three years on those who offend religious believers • that's it for today's NBA Finals blog.

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geographies: Facing Island #4

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geographies: Facing Island #3

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geographies: Facing Island #2

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geographies: Facing Island #1

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geographies: Coomooran Creek

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May linglist

selection from won des laits:








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Monday newstrip

Violence flares in Spain as retail sales miss expectations • tornadoes strike storm shattered Oklahoma • Kim Kardashian has announced she's expecting the world's first crowd funded space telescope • a guide to Bitcoin • speculation is rife over the identities of two people allegedly involved in a secret affair • greatest moments caught by Google Street View • a flurry of fresh local economic data on Monday painted a mixed picture for the Australian economy • two police sergeants behind the production of 50 apparently racist stubby holders are still working in their Melbourne station which could have serious political implications for the baby girl crisis • the month of June normally heralds the official arrival of summer.

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geographies: Mazeppa National Park